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Why Blog?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ok here is my official "Why I started this blog post". 

Here are my top five reasons:  *Drum Roll Please........*

1. Creative Outlet
2. A New Social Medium 
3. Improve My Writing
4. Photography
5. A New Hobby

Creative Outlet
I love being creative. Since I was little I have always taken art, music, and dance classes. I also got a BFA in Musical Theatre...which basically means I am a legit Theatre Geek with a piece of paper to prove it. While in school all of these opportunities were always at my fingertips and I never realized how easy it was to find that creative outlet. Since graduating college, I have had a really rough transition into "the real world", but not in the ways that I had expected. When it came to the practical stuff like living on my own and paying bills, I was set. I have worked since I was 16 and I have paid my own bills since I was 18 *brushes of shoulder". It was the social and creative outlets that I missed. It is easy to meet people and make friends while in school. It is also easy to take an art class or join a club where 2-3 times a week you have that creative and educational outlet without even thinking about it. You think, "I want to learn photography." So you sign up for a photography class or club and within a semester you know the basics and have met a new group of people who share your photography interests. It's not like that in the real world, or at least it hasn't been for me. Now it's like, "I want to learn photography." So, you do research to try to find a photography class in your area, you hope that the teacher is legit, because the class is double what you would have paid in school. Then after all of that you give up and try to find some sort of tutorial online which helps, but can be frustrating... not that I know this from experience or anything... Basically I have learned that I need to make my own outlets and opportunities, which brings me to my new little blog.  #newyearnewme 

A New Social Medium
Has anyone else gotten really annoyed with Facebook and Twitter? It used to be this exciting thing where you could really connect with people all over the world. I mean even as far back as  the good old MySpace days, where you could modify your little profile to fit your personality. Now it's like look how awesome I am or how much my life sucks, look at this completely shocking and not accurate piece of news,  oh and which Disney Princess are you? Now I don't want to be completely cynical, because I am just as guilty as anyone else. I love seeing the latest funny Youtube video on my feed and you know I need to make sure that I am totally a Cinderella. However, sometimes it's too much. It's all just too busy, and honestly sometimes it gives me a little anxiety. That's why I love the world of blogs. You are not forced to read a blog on your feed. You pick and choose what to read. Blog posts are like little pieces or yourself that you put out there for the world to see and only the people who want to reach out to you will. Its cool to see these creative spaces and to be able to connect with people who have the same interests as you. 

Improve My Writing
I am a terrible writer. Seriously, I mean in that embarrassing how were you able to earn a degree way. I'm sure you will see plenty of grammatical mistakes, and most of the time I will ramble on about things. Weird tangents are my specialty. Writing has always been a huge insecurity of mine, mostly because I don't want to sound unintelligent.  But alas! Practice makes perfect, or hopefully some sort of improvement. ;) This is a nice way to hold myself accountable for my writing and to force myself to get better. 

Photography is something that I have always wanted to learn. It is a beautiful art form. For Christmas I was given a Cannon Camera and I fully intend on learning as much as I can about how to use it so that I can put *fingers crossed* my stunning pictures on my wonderful new blog.  :)

A New Hobby
To sum everything up, I need a new hobby and this is what I have chosen. I am coming out of an extreme quarter life crisis and I need something new to keep myself positive and moving forward. When I was in my deepest "what is my life?" moments I would read blogs to make myself feel better. I love reading blogs, so it only made sense to start my own and to hopefully reach out to a fellow quarter life crisis victim so that I can attempt to improv their day a little. 

So here I go! Let the blogging adventure begin!


  1. i started mine for pretty much the same reasons :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Well you have done a great job! Congrats on 1,000! That's really exciting. :)

  2. Blogging is awesome, isn't it? I hope you have fun, I really do! Mine started as well as a writing improvement and hobby! With love,

    1. Thank you! It is awesome. I am quite fond of it so far. :)

  3. I did musical theatre in college, miss it so much!
    You literally have the same reason as me.

    Meme xx

  4. Excited to see whats coming ^_^ xx

  5. blogging is so important and I'm glad you began x
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  6. I think blogging for me is most important as a creative outlet, I love thinking of new posts and creating them!